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About Us

Lunarmax Candies and More is a locally and family owned food startup creating novel and unique consumer freeze dried snacks. We are the first and only company in El Paso to locally produce these freeze dried snacks and are here to serve our community.  


The benefits of freeze dried food is the extended  shelf-life (1-5 years), significant retention of nutrients, and flavorful experience. Freeze drying is a dehydration process that uses temperature and pressure to induce sublimation and remove up to 98% of the water content. The result is a lightweight and crispy product with superior sensory qualities.

Find us at...

Local Farmer's Markets:

   Upper Valley Artist and Farmer's Market (Sunday)

   Downtown Farmer's Market (Saturday) 


Media Inquiries...

For all media inquiries please email:


Founder's Story


Joshua Mena

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    My experience working as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Gamo Gofa region of southern Ethiopia, combined with my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Food, has sparked a passion for serving my community. These experiences have provided firsthand knowledge of the impact malnutrition, wasted food, and underutilization of technology has within underserved communities. Despite the fact that Ethiopia has tremendous agricultural capabilities, the country is plagued by inadequate infrastructure and technology. This leaves many of its small rural farmers ill-equipped to handle long-term food storage and transport logistics. As a result, food waste in rural communities is rampant.

    My time spent in Ethiopia working alongside small-holder farmers solidified my sense of urgency to take action and address food related issues. The lack of response concerning food crises culminated in my early resignation as a volunteer and compelled me to start this social venture. Future plans are to return to Ethiopia and help farmers establish value-added processing operations that aim to reduce harvest loss, create new industries, and improve the socio-economic status of rural communities.



Provide the Paso del Norte region with innovative freeze-dried foods.



Our dream is to manufacture nutritious, low-cost, and accessible freeze dried foods and provide them to humanitarian programs throughout the world.



We pledge to donate some of our products directly to food-related humanitarian efforts. It is a tragic reality that hundreds of millions of people around the globe struggle with hunger. Thus, we seek to enact change by providing all the support we can.




     El Paso Freeze Dried Food Company LLC has teamed up with the Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce (MLCIC) and the Arrowhead Center (AG Sprint Accelerator Program) to provide the best-valued freeze-dried products for our community. 

     The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce specializes in discovering unique solutions to business and technological challenges that are present in today's marketplace. The Mike Loya Center provides research fellowships to UTEP graduate students from business and engineering together to discover, develop, and deploy innovations to the world of commerce.

     The Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) is transforming the Paso Del Norte region by creating a world-class life sciences hub. Our work with the MCA fosters innovations in food science that improve the healthcare of the entire community. We are an Innovation Center Client for the MCA, which assisted in the development of our innovative business practices.

     The Arrowhead Center at NMSU fosters innovation and entrepreneurial practices by providing the community with a variety of resources that aim to help launch and grow small businesses. We were part of the first cohort of the Arrowhead Center El Paso AgSprint Accelerator Program. We were able to connect with research faculty, elevate our business strategy/competitive advantage, and establish professional relationships in our region. 

      We continue our pursuit of excellence by seeking to collaborate with organizations to bring our customers a unique and innovative product.

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